Eureka Acres Urban Farm


about us

Eureka Acres Urban Farm grows fresh produce within a network of front and backyards throughout the central Houston area. In exchange for the use of their land, homeowners who work with Eureka Acres receive a weekly share of the vegetable harvest, this allows us to have space to grow our crops and for our hosts to enjoy a lower food bill and spend less time and money on caring for a lawn.

All of our produce is grown naturally, and without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals or poisons. We practice beyond organic agricultural methods that help to improve the soils we grow in and that will not harm the beneficial insects and wildlife that live in, or near, our gardens.

We believe that access to high quality, healthy food is a right for all, not a privilege for just a few to enjoy. We believe that by allowing more people to eat healthy produce and by encouraging and teaching them how to grow their own food, we can help change the system for the better




Find our produce


At the Farmers Market

Thursdays at the Westchase District Farmers Market from 3PM-7PM

Saturdays at Eleanora's Market from 9AM-1PM



Coming Soon!





Have a question about urban farming, our growing practices or how to donate land? Send us a note and we'lll reply as soon as we can!